About Us

Tiaga Numbi | Founder – CEO


After retiring from professional basketball, Tiaga founded and created GrindFactory. Traveling and playing all over the world has enabled him the chance to put together a philosophy and regimen of skill and character development that focuses on a successful and bright career. “Grind” is often a main ingredient in each training session, as the main focus on footwork, balance and doing everything with efficiency.

Having played at the highest level of basketball, the experiences have grounded the thought of “its more about the person holding the basketball than the basketball itself.”

Tiaga is currently working with future pro players as well as seasoned veterans that are looking to take their knowledge of the game to another level, enhancing both balance and creativity on and off the court.


The GrindFactory Program is a non-profit corporation, organized to assist students in developing basketball skills while preparing them for the future. Guide athletes with the intent of assisting them to mature into successful adults. Through the years, the GrindFactory organization is earning an outstanding reputation for reconginising excellent students with a tremendous desire of becoming better basketball player. Not only is the program nationally known for prominent players, it is exalted for its distinguishing integrity in regards to the recruitment of players among professional coaches. Our goal is simple: we want to give students the best opportunity to succeed. The program is planned and implemented within an atmosphere of confidence so that parents will have the comfort of knowing that they can trust the future of their child with our organization.


The mission of the GrindFactory Basketball Program is to plan, promote, organize, and implement a comprehensive and competitive on and off season basketball program that will give students an advantage in earning degree with an enhance opportunity to compete professionally.


The objective of the GrindFactory Program is to teach life skills to students interested in pursuing basketball as a means of acquiring a college degree and/of a professional contract.

Style Of Play

The GrindFactory Program stresses an aggressive style of play that emphasizes the development of the basic fundamentals of the game. The team concept is an absolute necessity with tremendous intensity on defense. This concept demands that the student athlete be in great mental and physical condition.

Our Fantastic Team

Lieven Ndala

Youth Co-ordinator

Lieven Ndala is the youngest member of the Grindfactory team. He’s also Grindfactory’s treasurer. In September 2015, Lieven got his degree in Marketing at the Odisee of Brussels. As a young basketball player and coach, he believes everyone should have the opportunity to work hard so they can become better. He debuted as a coach at the Bc Grimbergen basketball camps. While he was doing his internship at Sportzon, Lieven got to the chance to meet and work with Duke Tshomba and Tiaga Numbi. 

Joe Y. Diensi


Joel Diensi the first member of Grindfactory. I believe hard work beats talent. Everybody should have the opportunity to get better in a professional environment. Im a student SME management at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool. Experience as a player: Antwerp Giants Youth Red Vic.

Enoch Derby

Marketing Consultant

Enoch Derby is a member of the Grindfactory team. He’s currently finishing his Bachelor in Marketing at Artesis Plantijn in Antwerp. He combines his studies with basketball, as he’s currently playing with Oxaco Boechout in Belgium’s second division. Enoch has been working out with Tiaga for over multiple years. He believes in hard work both during the season and off-season.