Just Bring Your Game, We’ve Got The Rest Covered

Organised Pick Up Games

Our mission is to give inner-city youth a hope for a better tomorrow by teaching them to utilize what they learn from their GrindFactory experiences as a model to help their overall academic, social, and career development.

 GrindFactory is for players who have aspirations of improving their skillset and playing basketball on a higher level.

Daily Morning Training

Grinding is our mindset and Grinding is what we do. That’s why we have our daily training from 6 – 8am in the morning. This is what separates the ones that look at the door from the ones who are willing to walk through it.


Personal Training

We offer year-round assessment and development for players at several levels (Amateurs, youth players, semi-pro and Professional). I have a unique way of assessing the needs and building a program for each individual we work with. Whether it’s daily instruction or clinics, I know that we have a program for you.


Weekly Pick-up Games

For Benelux pickup basketball players and youth coaches, finding an indoor gym used to be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Therefore GrindFactory decided to do something about it in order to give every basketball junkie the opportunity to play under any weather’s circumstances. You have some nice runs [games]. Without a lot of arguing, you can come in here and get a good game. We know this place will keep a lot of guys off the streets. Every Wednesday & Sunday. Are you up for the challenge?



GrindFactory Classic U19 Tournament

It is my pleasure to invite you to our first “U19 GrindFactory Classic Tournament” located in Antwerp, Belgium. The tournament is scheduled for the 22nd of May 2016 and will take place at the “EXPOHALL – TE COUWELAARLEI 95 Antwerp 2100”.

Following teams will be playing at the Classic Tournament:

  • GrindFactory
  • CBA (Canarias Basketball Academy)
  • House Of Prospects
  • Open Run
  • Team IAF
  • FSCA

Don’t just listen to me listen to us all

I’ve worked with Tiaga for over 6 years but I’ve never worked with him as closely as I did during the last year. In Grindfactory I found a place where nothing else mattered except for effort. Countless mornings, drills and workouts. Grindfactory’s morning practices haven’t only influenced my basketball skills but my overall mentality as well. If you want to achieve something, you’ll have to work for it. If that means you have to wake up at 5h30 AM, then that’s what I’ll do. I have enjoyed both group workouts and individual workouts whenever I needed it. During the pick-up games I could compete against both upcoming and experienced players, I even had the chance to compete against international players.- Enoch Derby, Oxaco -
Tiaga helps with everything. Whether it's off the court or on the court for me he's like a big brother with a lot of life knowledge. He once said to me: When you can't wake up at 5AM to achieve your dreams and to take care of your family, then money doesn't wake up either. He impacted my lifestyle and the way I think about basketball and life itself. He's my 'Mentor'.- Sam Proesmans, Melsele -


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The grind is an addiction and for everyone. GrindFactory is convinced that after just one week of grinding you’ll be longing for more. Fill in your details in the form bellow and we’ll get back to you with the details of your free session. GrindFactory is hoping to see you soon.